Stadia Community Game Awards honors the platform’s best titles!

STORY: The Awards show taps the community to select the ‘best’ titles on Stadia in 2021.


The Stadia community once again came together for another gamer inspired event. The inaugural Stadia Community Game Awards kicked off New Year’s Eve 2021 to much fanfare.


The event was hosted by the show’s producer and YouTube content creator Clive Illenden, and co-hosted by fellow content creator Jon Scarr.  It highlighted thirteen different categories. These categories ranged from Ongoing Game of the Year, Stadia Family Game of the Year to Stadia Game of the Year.  Each category was voted on by the Stadia gaming community who completely influenced the outcome. Each award was presented by the hosts, and included commentary from PNTS Network/StadiaDosage’s own Jack Deslippe . Jack provided insightful statistics into the margin of victory for each of the top games selected.


The categories and winners are as follows:

Stadia Ongoing Game of the Year 2021 – WINNER: Cyberpunk [Runner ups: Destiny 2, RDR2, AC Valhala]

Stadia Multiplayer Game of the Year 2021 – WINNER: Rainbow 6 Siege [ Runner ups: Riders Republic, Wreckfest, FIFA22] – Outriders just missed out

Stadia Indie Game of the Year 2021 – WINNER: Wavetale [Runner ups:  Journey to Savage Planet, Young Souls, Litttle Nightmares 2] – Grime just missed out

Stadia RPG of the Year 2021 – WINNER: Dragon Quest XI [Runner ups:  Young Souls, Child of Light, Cris Tales]

Stadia Simulation/Strategy Game of the Year 2021 – WINNER:  Humankind [ Runner ups:  Hundred Days, Farming Simulator 22, Legend of Keepers]

Stadia Racing Game of the Year 2021 – WINNER: Wreckfest [Runner ups:  Riders Republic, Dirt 5, Monster Jam Steel Titans 2]

Stadia Family Game of the Year 2021 – WINNER:  Just Dance 2022 [Runner ups:  Paw Patrol, Merek’s Market, Peppa Pig]

Stadia Sports Game of the Year 2021 – WINNER:  FIFA22 [ Runner ups: Madden 22, Olympics, Hunting Simulator2]  – FIFA won by the biggest margin with than any other category 63% of the vote

Stadia Action Adventure Game of the Year 2021 – WINNER: Far Cry 6 [Runner ups:  Control, AC Black Flag, Grime]

Stadia Platformer of the Year 2021 – WINNER:  Raymen Legends [Runner ups:  Wavetale, Kaze, Trine 4]

Stadia Pro Game of the Year 2021 – WINNER:  Star Wars Jedi Fallen [Runner ups:  RE7, Control, Wavetale]

Best Use of Unique Stadia Feature 2021 – WINNER:  Humankind – Touch controls [Runner ups:  Far Cry 6, Hitman 3, Pixel Junk Raiders]

Stadia Game of the Year 2021 – WINNER:  Resident Evil Village [Runner ups:  Far Cry 6, Chorus, Wavetale] 



In a direct quote from producer and organizer Clive Illenden, he says:

I wanted this to be a celebratory event for the community by the community, and I think we achieved that – it was a great show.


The community also seemed to really enjoy the event. Throughout the show there was various feed back from community members applauding the presentation.

You can catch the full show here on YouTube.


SOURCE: YouTube | Twitter

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