Stadia Stats: No Signs of a Limp as Stadia Enters 2022

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Welcome to Sunday Stadia Stats! The weekly blog post where we discuss Stadia player, game and community numbers. You can find all the updated numbers over at Below is a summary of the most interesting numbers of the week.

Before diving in, it is important to point out that these numbers are best compared to others in the nascent cloud gaming space (NVIDIA GFN, Amazon Luna, ShadowPC etc.).

The biggest news of the week is that, as we continue to track the Dirt 5 leaderboard growth on Stadia, it cruised passed 100,000 Stadians. As of late Saturday it was at ~105,000. Just as interestingly, it continues to grow at over 1,000 names a day!

Dirt 5 Leaderboard Over Time
Stadia Stats: Number of Stadians on the Dirt 5 leaderboard over time. Note, we didn’t start tracking until November 8 (a week after it went free on Pro).
Dirt 5 Leaderboard Growth rate.
The growth rate (in names per day) of the Dirt 5 Stadia leaderboard. Note again we didn’t start tracking the leaderboard until November 8th – so the first point is artificially low.

I’d caution against reading too much into this other than what it is – the number of Stadia players who finished the first career race in Dirt 5. It represents an unknowably small fraction of the total Stadia Pro subscribers and Stadia players in general.

The Crew 2 leaderboard has been growing at over 150 Stadians a day for the past few weeks and is now sitting right at about 75K.

Stadia Stats: The Crew 2 Stadia leaderboard size over time.

We also started tracking participation in the weekly Crew 2 live summit. Here is how the number of summit event finishers varies from week to week. Should be fun to track this over the course of a year or so.

The Crew 2 weekly Live Summit finishers and Rayman Weekly Challenge finishers. Note that the Rayman weekly challenge needs to be unlocked in the game to participate. Thus, the daily challenge, which can be unlocked earlier actually often has similar or even higher participation numbers than the weekly challenge (counter-intuitively).

The FIFA 22 online Seasons leaderboard has grown by over 1,000 Stadians in each of the last two weeks!

FIFA 22 and FIFA 21 Seasons leaderboard sizes over time. In both cases, we are using the position of an account with zero wins to estimate the total size. For FIFA 22, the account has not even completed a game; so it may represent a larger fraction of the actual players.

Stadia continues to hold its own against other cloud gaming platforms in terms of the availability of top selling games (based on GFK top 40).

GFK Top Game Availability
Availability of GFK Top 40 Games on Different Cloud Gaming Platforms

Last week we pointed out that @GoogleStadia was growing pretty well on Instagram. They were quiet there for a month or so, but are now back with new posts. We’ve also been tracking the most liked post per week.

Most liked posts per week on Google Stadia Instagram.

As we previously discussed, a major contributor to the growth in Stadia at the end of 2020 was the release of the platform in new territories. It’ll be interesting to see how all these metrics change if Stadia expands in 2022.

Stadia Stats Milestones:

Here is a list of (both small and big) community milestones that we have a fun time celebrating.

  • The Dirt 5 game leaderboard passed 100,000 Stadians.
  • DBStadia passed 500 followers.

Upcoming Milestones:

Stadia Positive YouTube Channels:
Stadia Positive Twitter Handles: 

See you next week for another edition of Sunday Stadia Stats! If you have suggested leaderboards, channels/personalities or other metrics for us to track, message Jack on twitter @jdeslip