Stadia Stats: Stadia Numbers Come Out Swinging on Boxing Day

Welcome to Sunday Stadia Stats! The weekly blog post where we discuss Stadia player, games and community numbers. You can find all the updated numbers over at Below are some the most interesting numbers this week.

Before diving in, it is important to point out that these numbers should probably be compared to others in the nascent cloud gaming space (Nvidia GFN, Amazon Luna etc.) instead of the likes of established brands like Nintendo and Sony Playstation.

A number of the metrics saw a holiday boost this week. Notably, the growth rate in a number of game leaderboards jumped.

  • In the last two days (Friday-Saturday), the Dirt 5 leaderboard grew by over 4,200 Stadians! This is compared to 2,800 over the same period a week ago.
  • Over 200 new Stadians entered the Rayman Legends leaderboard on Friday and Saturday. 2x the rate of the week before.
  • The Crew 2 leaderboard averaged over 150 new Stadians every day this week, a 3x increase compared to ~50 per day a week ago.
  • The FIFA 22 Online Seasons leaderboard added over 1,000 new Stadians this week, compared to ~320 last week.
Dirt 5 Stadia Leaderboard Over Time
Dirt 5 Stadia leaderboard growth overtime. Note, that we didn’t start tracking this leaderboard until November 8th (a week after the game went free on Stadia Pro).

New content in Destiny 2 brought a bump to the player base across all platforms. The Stadia player base has held its own – peaking at over 8,000 players per day. It’s been consistently above 2% of the PC player base and again rising.

Destiny 2 Stadia Daily Players over time.
Destiny 2 Stadia Daily Players as a Fraction of PC Players.

Which Stadia content creators has the most subscribers on their video channel? It is with over 36,000 subs on TikTok. We noticed his growth rate has risen again – picking up over 3,000 new subs just this month alone! growth on Tiktok. growth on Tiktok.


Here is a list of (both small and big) community milestones that we have a fun time celebrating.

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