Stadia Stats: Stadia Pro Continues to Drive Players to Dirt 5 and Other Games

Welcome to Sunday Stadia Stats – the weekly blog post where we discuss Stadia player, game and community numbers! You can find all the updated numbers over at our sister site:

As we dive in, it is important to point out that these numbers are best compared against others in the new but growing cloud gaming space as opposed to well-established gaming platforms.

Here are some of the numbers we thought were particularly interesting this week:

We continue to track the Dirt 5 (career race 1) leaderboard as it has exploded since the game went free on Stadia Pro (note we only started tracking the leaderboard on 11/8/2021 – about a week after it went on Pro).

Dirt 5 Stadia Leaderboard
The Dirt 5 Stadia leaderboard size as a function of time.

The Orcs Must Die! 3 leaderboards for different modes have been fun to watch! This is a bit of an underestimate as, unfortunately, the leaderboard were reset about 10 days after release (the most active days for the game). 

OMD3 Leaderboard
The OMD3 leaderboard size on Stadia over time. Note, the leaderboard was reset 10 days after release.
Stadia has approximately 20 Facebook groups. We’ve been tracking the biggest group for over a year and just started tracking 3 more:

Stadia Stats Milestones:

Here is a list of (both small and big) community milestones that we have a fun time celebrating.

Upcoming Stadia Stats Milestones:

Stadia Positive YouTube Channels:

Stadia Positive Twitter Handles: 

New Metrics

See you next week for another edition of Sunday Stadia Stats! You can find the archive of all the Stadia Stats posts here.

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