Registration is Now Open for The Winter Community Championship on Stadia!!

The Winter Olympics are on the way, but the Olympic committee has got nothing on the Stadia Community! Here comes The Winter Community Championship on Stadia!

This past year’s “Summer Community Championships (on Stadia)” sported 5 weeks of competition with over $3,000 in prizes awarded to participants. The organizers included Stadia Dosage’s own @mm2k and @jdeslip along with @stadiahunters, @cliveillenden and @4Scarrs_Gaming. This winter, @ninjayguyx and @andnowyour are joining the organizing committee to help.

We are proud to announce The Winter Community Championships on Stadia! The first round starts Wednesday February 2nd. Register Now! 

Here is the Format:

3 Week Long Qualifying Rounds – $100 in prizes each week

There will be 3 qualifying weeks – with a single game competition each week. In each qualifying week, you can participate throughout the week at your leisure. The winner of each week’s competition will be awarded $50 (via Google Play Credit or PayPal), with the runner up receiving $25.

To participate in each of the 3 qualifying weeks, no live streaming is required, but those that do stream their attempts will be entered in a bonus $25 drawing each week.

Live 16 Player Finals – $400 Grand Prize

At the end of the three qualifying weeks, the top 16 players (based on an average of the three weekly ranks) will be invited to participant in a live finals featuring 4 rounds of competition. The first place winner will take home $400 (via PayPal), with second place taking home $200.

Registration is Mandatory!

To be eligible to win and have your score counted for a given week’s competition, you must have registered using form linked below by the end of the weekly competition. You only need to register once for the entire competition, but only scores obtained for weeks including or after your registration will count. So, register now!!

Again here is the link to register: