Stadia Stats: There is a Rich Amount of Data Available About Stadia … If You Know Where to Look

Welcome to Sunday Stadia Stats! The weekly blog post where we discuss Stadia player, game and community numbers. You can find all the updated numbers over at

Despite recent claims that there isn’t any information available about if and how Stadia is being used, the reality is that there is actually a tremendous amount of data available – much more so, in fact, than there is for any other cloud gaming service because usage of those other platforms is often hidden behind general PC usage.  On Stadia, we can track players per day on certain games, Stadia game leaderboard sizes, views/likes on the official blog, membership on the official forum, participation in weekly game events, engagement on social media, membership on 3rd party sites like StadiaSource/Stadia-Hunters/Exophase, app downloads and reviews and more! Below are some of the numbers we found interesting this week.

As we dive in, it is important to point out that these numbers are best compared against others in the new but growing cloud gaming space as opposed to well-established gaming platforms. 

The Crew 2 Stadia Leaderboard passed 75,000 names this week!

The Crew 2 Leaderboard Size Over Time
The Crew 2 Leaderboard Size on Stadia over Time

The Rayman Legends leaderboard on Stadia passed 5,000 Stadians in 1.5 months.

Rayman Legends Stadia Leaderboard Over Time
Rayman Legends Stadia Leaderboard Over Time

We continue to track the Dirt 5 (race 1 completion) leaderboard that is still growing at a rate around ~1,000 Stadians a day.

The Dirt 5 (race 1) Leaderboard on Stadia Over Time
The Dirt 5 (Race 1) Leaderboard on Stadia Over Time

Check out views on the official Stadia blog over time. Note that old posts continue to get views from search and other drivers.

Blog Views
Official Stadia Blog post Views by Publication Date

Stadia Stats Milestones:

Here is a list of (both small and big) community milestones that we have a fun time celebrating.

  • The Rayman Legends Leaderboard passed 5,000 Stadians in ~1.5 months
  • Stadia TV passed 1,000 YouTube Subscribers
  • The Nerf Report passed 2,000 subscribers on TikTok.
  • Stadia Clips passed 200 YouTube Subscribers.

Upcoming Milestones:

Stadia Positive YouTube Channels:
Stadia Positive Twitter Handles: 

New Stadia Stats Metrics This Week:

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