Stadia Direct Touch Controls Now Available on iOS

STORY:  Enjoy the Stadia version of the popular 4X game on iOS, now with full robust direct touch controls.



Games like Humankind’s robust feature-set can now be enjoyed on basically any screen. That’s because Stadia direct touch controls are now available on iOS devices.  Stadia made the announcement via it’s weekly ‘TWoS’ blog today. In it they state:

Direct touch is the Stadia input method released in August on Android, allowing you to interact directly with a game using your phone’s touchscreen. Now, it’s available for Stadia players on iOS. Direct touch allows players to control the game by tapping, sliding, and pinching the screen. Try it now in HUMANKIND where you can create your own civilization using just your fingers.


In the blog post, Stadia also announced a number of updates. Those updates include: Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost, Ben 10: Power Trip release on October the 15th,  new public party chat and a free play weekend for Borderlands 3.


There are also a number of sales active upon the blog’s release.


The Stadia community has so far, responded failry to today’s info. We give our impressions in our #SDODaily YouTube video below.

See the entire blog here.

SOURCES: Stadia | StadiaDosage | Twitter

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