Mafia 3 Becomes Stadia Pro Latest Addition

STORY: Gamers are treated to a surprise, as Mafia 3 becomes Stadia Pro latest addition to subscription service.

Stadia platform Pro subscribers woke up to quite  a surpise. They discovered that long-awaited title, Mafia 3 finally landed on the service. It just didn’t land as a retail game, it also landed as a Stadia Pro title. This means that consumerssigned up to Google Stadia’s monthly service can now play Mafia 3 Definitive Edition at not additional charge, as long as they retain the service.

This stealth release is a very welcome surprise to many with-in the Stadia community. There has been much concern of the status of the entire Mafia Trilogy (which Mafia 3 DE is part of) since it was rated by the ESRB back in May 2020.  As the game landed on other platforms concerns grew. This is due to very little, up until now, being said about a Stadia release date. It’s safe to say, such concerns no longer exist.


Per PNTS’ own StadiaDosage platform, we put out a ‘bulletin’ to raise awareness to the heavily favored stealth drop:

Stay tuned as we try the game out ourselves and give first impressions


SOURCE: Stadia | ESRB | Twitter


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