Far Cry 6 on Stadia will be missing a 60 FPS mode

STORY: New report suggests Far Cry 6 on Stadia will be missing a 60 FPS mode, along-side 8th gen consoles.


A question that recently loomed within the Stadia community has suposidly been answered.  The Google Stadia version of Far Cry 6 will lack a 60 FPS mode. This is akin to Xbox One and PS4 model consoles. This is according to a report from Gfinityesports.com . They claim they were informed by Ubisoft directly on the matter:

Ubisoft’s Benjamin Hall, World Director on the project, revealed the team has pushed for the best possible experience on last-gen consoles and Stadia, but the game will ultimately not run at 60FPS on either platform.

This news has dissapointed many within the Stadia community.  Others have expressed no care in regards to 60 FPS vs 30 FPS.  Below, is a snapshot of a Twitter poll we conducted asking those within the Stadia community how they felt about the news.

Also, per our StadiaDosage platform’s own SLSFeatMM2K , we held an open mic session with the community to discuss.

As more information becomes available on this matter, stay tuned to PNTS!


SOURCE:  gfinityesports | Twitter | StadiaDosage on YouTube



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