Dosage Community Digest – Week of 12/5/2021


Welcome to the Dosage Community Digest – D.C.D. for short. We are honored to be part of a growing Stadia gaming community, with new content sprouting daily. You may want to catch as much of it as possible, but find it difficult to keep up with the latest content. Look no further! We will keep you in touch with content creators big and small, enthusiastic about the Stadia platform!


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UPDATES THIS WEEK – December 5th 2021







    • Stadia Community Game Awards – Hosted by Clive Illenden the community is being polled for their favorite Stadia games of 2021. Cast your vote now here! Final results will be aired New Years Eve.





    • Stadia enhanced*u // Stadia browser play enhancement. Features include but not limited to: Catalog sorting, codec enforcement, play session statistics, post processing enhancements




    • * = Stadia exclusive content
    • ** = Stadia exclusive channel/resource
    • *u = unofficial implementation (not Stadia created)


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