Stadia Stats: A Little Controversy Here and There Doesn’t Hurt

It’s time for another edition of Sunday Stadia Stats! This is the weekly blog post where we discuss Stadia player, game and community numbers. You can interact with all the plots/numbers over at our sister site

It is important to realize that these numbers are best compared against others in the new but growing cloud gaming space as opposed to well-established gaming platforms.

It’s been an active week! Stadia hit 248 games available in the library (50 claimable right now on Stadia Pro) and @GoogleStadia had a Tweet liked over 2,200 times intended as a response to yet another hyperbolic report from the press about SG&E’s closure. Below are a few numbers we thought were interesting this.

Interestingly, the FIFA 21 Seasons leaderboard (users higher than our test user) passed 10,000 names. At the same time, FIFA 22’s Seasons leaderboard passed 15,000 names.

FIFA Seasons leaderboard growth on Stadia. Note the test account used to read the leaderboard size is slightly different in the two cases and may include more players for FIFA 22.

The FIFA 22 leaderboard grew at 100 names per day last week. The Crew 2 leaderboard grew at that same level. The Rayman Legends leaderboard continues impressive growth as well. Note the correlation in the peaks and troughs of these three curves.

The rate at which new names are added per day on the FIFA 22 Seasons, Rayman Legends and The Crew 2 leaderboards.

It’s also interesting to examine the growth rate of the Dirt 5 (race one) leaderboard as well as Merek’s Market (level 1) leaderboard. The former game just became un-claimable on Stadia Pro while latter just became claimable.

Dirt 5 and Merek’s Market Stadia leaderboard growth in names per day.


  • Bryant Chappel passed 2,000 followers on Twitter – becoming a community force!
Followers of @BryantChappel on Twitter.

Every week we track the number of Games available on Stadia as well as GeForce Now and Amazon Luna that are listed on the UK Top 40 selling game charts. Stadia continues to more than holds it own in comparison.

UK Top 40 game sellers availability on cloud services.

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