Stadia Stats: It’s Destiny

Welcome back to Sunday Stadia Stats! This is the weekly post where we discuss Stadia player, game and community numbers! You can interact with all the plots/numbers over at our sister site

Reminder! These numbers are best compared against others in the nascent but growing cloud gaming space (as opposed to well-established gaming platforms).

A few interesting numbers this week:

Destiny 2 released a major new DLC “The Witch Queen” this week that brought some additional Stadians back to the game. It hit 7,300+ daily Stadia players this weekend. The dip before the rise is due to maintenance on the day before the release.

On March 1st, the Stadia library will grow to 252 games. 135 of those have been claimable to Pro members and never rotate out of their library while subscribed. A record 51 are immediately claimable to new Pro subscribers.

Here is the GFK (UK sales based) Top 40 game availability on various cloud platforms. 19 games are multiplatform and have a chance to be on the cloud. Stadia is once again (tied) on top.

Stadia Stats Community Milestones:

  • The Klimax (a new Stadia I streamer we just recently started following) passed 500 YouTube Subscribers.

  • HashtagMediaGuy passed 2,000 followers on Twitter! The artist formerly known as “CultofStadia” has always been such a big supporter of others. Glad to see him continuing to grow!

  • Christopher Klay who is the creator of the amazing Stadia Enhanced Chrome extension has passed 200 followers! 

Upcoming Milestones:

Stadia Positive YouTube Channels:
Stadia Positive Twitter Handles: 

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