Stadia leads cloud platforms in number of current games listed on NPD charts

STORY :  Stadia leads cloud platforms in number of multi platform titles in it’s catalog, that top the charts in highly regarded NPD reporting.


The National Purchase Diary (NPD for short)  is a great barometer to see what consumers are flocking to. The group’s focus is on North America purchases. However when it comes to gaming, the entries that make their monthly reporting are of the best performing products globally. Such is exhibited with PlayStation. Their industry leading PS5 is among the chart topping products on the NPD reporting. It also has broken records globally since launch, despite supply restraints.  Recently, they announced the top 10 played games on the platform since launch. It should be of no surprise that 80% of these titles have tracked high in NPD reporting over the past 12 months^.


Headed by Mat Piscatella on the game tracking side, we get another glimpse into video game consumer habits for October 2021. Based on these reports, we compare how many of the chart topping multi platform games appear in each cloud gaming platform’s catalog. The results are as follows:

    • Stadia – 33%
    • GFN – 17%
    • Luna – 8%
    • Xbox Cloud Streaming – 8%


    • Stadia – 57%
    • GFN – 29%
    • Luna – 29%
    • Xbox Cloud Streaming – 14%


    • Stadia – 57%
    • GFN – 14%
    • Luna – 14%
    • Xbox Cloud Streaming – 14%


Stadia’s lead in this area has been consistent over the past several reportings.  There was a 12% dip in the ‘Current Month’ charting from last month. However there was a 7% increase in the ‘Year to Date’ charting.  GFN and Luna had 12% increase from last month in the ‘Year to Date’ charting.  Xbox had an 8% increase in the ‘Current Month’ charting.

This comparison gives a glimpse at how Stadia is progressing in supplying the titles in demand from it’s core demographic, vs its peers.  This core has been explained as the disenfranchised casual gamer. These gamers specifically favor the plug and play nature of consoles. In comparing  other cloud platforms, we can better examine if Stadia’s catalog is generally less attractive to it’s core, than its peers. That subject matter has been topic of many discussions within the cloud gaming community.

Nevertheless, these are interesting results for the greater discussion. We will continue to monitor how they perform vs their peers in this area.

^  = NPD does not calculate Free to Play game data

SOURCE: Wikipedia | Twitter | Eurogamer |

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