Just got a Steam Deck? Get ready to expand your library with Stadia.

The Steam Deck is no doubt a nice piece of tech. with a lot great games supported. But, how you can you take it to the next level and get the most out of your device and nvme storage? Get ready to add cloud gaming services (particularly Stadia) to the device as soon as a few browser issues get worked out. From Chrome Unboxed:

“Valve did reply to Ars Technica and tell them that future updates to the Steam Deck’s browser will allow Stadia and other cloud gaming services to be fully compatible…”

In the meantime, community member @stokedforgood has been compiling a list of Stadia games’ Steam Deck status, including where the service can provide additional games for deck users: https://checkmydeck.herokuapp.com/users/76561199246928488/wishlist

In particular, take note of the games listed in red as “UNSUPPORTED” natively on the Steam Deck. A Stadia subscription will allow you to play those games on the Steam Deck and pick up where you left off on any screen! There are 26 games in this category including Destiny 2, Dead by Daylight, Mafia III, Mortal Kombat 11, Elder Scrolls Online, Rainbow Six Siege.

The Steam Deck and Stadia actually share a lot of technology people are passionate about. They are both Linux based and use AMD GPUs (both use (different) open-source drivers). Both rely heavily on Vulkan’s open-source capabilities. Both maintain a pretty complete gaming SDK (a set of APIs for games to include for things like friends, achievements, etc.). 

This is going to be a great combination for a lot of people!