Sunday Stadia Stats: A New Beginning!

Sunday Stadia Stats

Welcome to Sunday Stadia Stats! The weekly blog post where we discuss Stadia player, games and community numbers. Quick reminder that it is not too late to vote for the Stadia Community Game Awards. You can vote here:

You can find all the updated numbers for Sunday Stadia Stats and much much more over at Here are some the most interesting numbers this week:

The Dirt 5 leaderboard now has approximately 85,000 Stadians listed. There were some slight signs of slowing down this week as the amount of new names per day dropped just below 1,000 on Wednesday and Thursday and then picked back up again for the weekend.

Dirt 5 Stadia Leaderboard Size Over Time
The Dirt 5 Stadia leaderboard size over time. Note the game was released back in April, but I unfortunately did not start tracking the leaderboard until November 8th – about a week after the game went free on Stadia Pro.

GoogleStadia’s twitter follower count grew 726 this week – compared to 1,449 last week and 130 the week before. It’s grown by ~2,500 followers since the second anniversary.

@GoogleStadia Twitter Growth Over Time
The number for followers of @GoogleStadia on Twitter over time.

There was a thought from many folks in the Stadia community that Amazon Luna being a big sponsor of the game awards would yield significant growth. Let’s check the growth numbers of various Luna metrics over the last 10 days since the Game Awards:

  •    YouTube Subscribers: 50 vs. 20 the previous 10 days.
  •    Twitter Followers: 279 vs. 178 the previous 10 days
  •    Biggest SubReddit Members: 26 vs 19 the previous 10 days
  •    Google Play App Reviews: ~50 vs ~50 the previous 10 days
  •    iOS App Reviews: ~40 vs ~40 the previous 10 days
  •    Instagram Followers: 467 vs 346 the previous 10 days
  •    Platform Reviews on Amazon: 92 vs ~75 the previous 10 days
  •    Controller Reviews on Amazon: 92 vs ~74 the previous 10 days

I’ll leave it up to the content creators to say if this was worth the price of sponsoring the show.


Here is a list of (both small and big) community milestones that we have a fun time celebrating.

Upcoming Milestones:

Stadia Positive YouTube Channels:

Stadia Positive Twitter Handles: 

New Metrics:

More Sunday Stadia Stats Coming Right Here!

See you next week for another edition of Sunday Stadia Stats! This is a new beginning for Sunday Stadia Stats – will be our new permanent home!