Stadia Stats: It’s always Sunny in the Stadia Community

Blog Post Likes

Welcome to Sunday Stadia Stats! The weekly blog post where we discuss Stadia player, game and community numbers. You can find all the updated numbers over at our sister site

As we always say, it is important to realize that these numbers are best compared against others in the new but growing cloud gaming space as opposed to long standing well-established gaming platforms. Here are a few numbers we thought were interesting this week. 

Sunny, the king of Stadia on YouTube, passed 22,000 subscribers on this channel: Sunny Cloud Gaming:

Sunny Cloud Gaming Subscribbers
Sunny Cloud Gaming YouTube channel subscribers over time.

The Dirt 5 leaderboard now sits at about 123,000 Stadians. Unfortunately, it is about to leave Stadia Pro. So, make sure to claim it now before it goes away! Here is how the growth rate per day of the leaderboard evolved between November and now.

Dirt 5 Leaderboard Growth
Growth rate per day of the Dirt 5 leaderboard on Stadia.

Other games had nice growth rates this week as well. The FIFA 22 online seasons leaderboard grew at 85 players per day this week – now at 14.5K names. The Crew 2 Stadia leaderboard grew at over 80 names a day – now at 76.5K names.

There was a big Stadia blog post this week. The verdict is in: the community liked it! Check out the history of likes on Stadia blog posts:

Blog Post Likes
Likes on Stadia blog posts by publication date.

There is good reason it was like. Stadia announced no less than 7 games are coming free to Stadia Pro subscribers in February – including two Life is Strange remastered titles! 130 games will have been claimable on Pro since launch. 50 will be claimable on Feb. 1 for new subscribers! If there are no surprises, the total number of games on Stadia will be at 248 on February 1. 250 is imminent! Check out the plot below, which also shows the availability of AAA games by our (admittedly subjective) metric.

Stadia Game Availability
Stadia game availability over time. Blue – Total number of games. Black – Total number of games that have been claimable in Stadia Pro. Green – Total number of Stadia Pro games claimable at the time. Orange – the number of AAA games available on Stadia.

Upcoming Milestones:

Stadia Positive YouTube Channels:
Stadia Positive Twitter Handles: 

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