Stadia Stats: A big week for Stadia Hunters

It is once again time for another edition of Sunday Stadia Stats! This is the weekly post where we discuss Stadia platform, game and community numbers! You can download or interact with all the plots/numbers over at our sister site StadiaDosage .

Reminder! These numbers are always best compared against others in the young but growing cloud gaming space (as opposed to well-established gaming platforms).

A few interesting numbers this week: cruised past a big membership milestone – passing 2,000 members! This is huge for a 3rd party service that has manual registration!

This cements Stadia Hunters as the biggest achievement hunting community on Stadia. Other notable options for tracking your achievements include which lets you track achievements across many different gaming platforms and which combines this ability with a host of other community tools!

Once again Stadia tops the list of cloud gaming services in terms of game availability from the UK’s top selling games.

Checking back in on Stadia’s instagram presence – it continues to grow well – top of any cloud gaming platform.

Let’s check back in on two of our favorite leaderboards to watch these days. In the past week, Dirt 5 has added 85 names a day to it’s leaderboard each day this week and the little Indie gem that could, Merek’s Market, added over 40 names a day to its leaderboard.

Stadia Stats Milestones:

  • passed 2,000 names on their achievement leaderboard! Now at over 2060 members! As we said above, this is a huge accomplishment for a third party site that requires manual registration. 

Upcoming Milestones:

Stadia Positive YouTube Channels:
Stadia Positive Twitter Handles: 

See you next week for another edition of Sunday Stadia Stats! See you next week for another edition of Sunday Stadia Stats! For mid-week updates follow @StadiaDosage and @jdeslip on twitter.

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