Stadia community’s own SC Championship crowns a winner

Story: Popular community event awards the top participant over $1K in cash

The Summer Community Championship tournament has officially concluded. This was a 4 – week event that hosted a variety of content creators and gamers. They all were looking to capture the coveted  $1K  cash prize. Even though there were many who tried there could only be one granprize winner. See my tweet below as the wiiner was announced!


Congratulations to Gem Bear Gaming for winning the grand prize. Congratulations also to runner-up Malesur. Both gave speeches thanking the organizers and expressing the intensity and fun had during the event.  Congratulations are also in order to all of the participants.

Last but certainly not least, a special thank-you to main organizer and sponsor, our ver own Jack Deslippe, who’s continued support of the community was underscored in hosting such an event. Kudos to Jack and everyone involved for pulling this off!

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