Saint’s Row 4 Dirt 5 & more Head to Stadia Pro in November

STORY: Stadia’s market service will soon get bigger.  Saint’s Row 4 Dirt 5 & more Head to Stadia Pro in November.

Google Stadia’s flagship subscription service, Stadia Pro, will be increasing soon. The Stadia platform introduces Saint’s 4 , Dirt 5 Kemono Heroes, and Hello Engineer to it’s pro line-up. These games will become available to subscribers November 1st 2021.

Saint’s Row 4 will be launching on both Pro and the Stadia platform all together for the first time. Saint’s Row the Third Remastered launched on the platform in March of 2021. Dirt 5, another standout in November’s offerings,  also launched on the platform in March 2021.


Stadia gamers seemed to be pleased for the most part with today’s news. Stadia has decided  to no longer make a weekly dedicated blog offering. They’ve decided to report Stadia news consistently every two weeks (TWoS blog).  They also have decided to report additional news as available. The new format has already produced more active days of Stadia news this week, than in recent memory.


Stadia Pro is available to consumers in 22 countries including the U.S. It works very similar to PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live with Gold, where additional games and special amenities are offered to its subscriber base. For more information on how the service works see Google’s walkthrough here.

SOURCE : Stadia Community Blog | Stadia Help 

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