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Audio recordings
Pilot-007-08/31/2017-Destiny 2 HDR mess, "Crap"Stop, GoT and more... 

 Technical difficulties may try, to no avail.  The show must go on.  Join us as we talk Destiny 2 HDR debacle, GoT and more on set.

ScramPunks - Pilot-007PartA.mp3

ScramPunks - Pilot-007PartB.mp3

Pilot-006- 08/17/2017 - Crackdown 3 Madness and more...

We got to do this again??? Join TRS and MM2K as they once again address the bs surrounding Crackdown 3 and it's delay

ScramPunks - Pilot-006PartA.mp3

ScramPunks - Pilot-006PartB.mp3

Pilot-005- HellBlade, Lawbreakers , FPS causes brain damage?!?-08/10/2017

This week TRS & MM2K talk Hellblade, Cliffy B woes with Lawbreakers and more gaming news

ScramPunks - Pilot-005.mp3

Pilot-004- OhNoIt'sA--Hole, Universal Remote, Movie Reviews -08/03/2017

TRS & MM2K talk about anti-consumer jerks on Twitter, games and movie reviews

ScramPunks - Pilot-004pt1.mp3

ScramPunks - Pilot-004pt2.mp3

Pilot-003- Games, Spiderman HC Review, Killa Hill destroys! -07/27/2017

TRS & MM2K jump all in on Spiderman Homecoming movie review, right before the ever elusive third host, Killa-Hill, destroys the stream.

ScramPunks - Pilot-003.mp3

PILOT-002: CD3 Madness, Destiny 2 Beta - 07/25/17

 Join TRS & MM2K as they talk the hyperbolic rants in the community about Crackdown 3, as well as the Destiny 2 Beta.

ScramPunks - Pilot-002.mp3

Pilot-001 Part A- Feat TRS & MM2K - 07/20/17

 Join us for our very first pilot podcast!

ScramPunks - Pilot-001part A.mp3

ScramPunks - Pilot-001part B.mp3

Mic Check -Feat: TRS & MM2K -07/18/17

Join us for our first live mic check and discussion over the ScramPunks format

ScramPunks - Pilot Test 20170718.mp3

Video Recordings
MIC CHECK -FEAT: TRS & MM2K -07/18/17

Coming soon...

PILOT-001 PART A- FEAT TRS & MM2K - 07/20/17

Coming soon...

PILOT-001 PART B- FEAT TRS & MM2K - 07/20/17

Coming soon...

PILOT-001 PART C- FEAT TRS & MM2K - 07/20/17

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