Our Line-up

Scram Punks Podcast

Join Co Hosts TRS, MM2K and KillaHill as they rants and shake their fist at the latest Gaming community news. Old man's rage at its Finest!

ScramPunks EPP 0011 - Crackdown 3, Playstation Dominance, Borderlands 3 trash???


The Prognosis Featuring MM2K

Join MM2K as he looks past all the typical smoke and mirrors, to help you breakdown whats behind the most polarizing topics in gaming today

Prognosis Podcast EPP002 - BIG TIME rumors about XBOX Scarlet - Can it PUSH Xbox ahead in big way? 

PNTS Podcast Specials


What do they call the awards they give out for podcasts.... the Poddy's?  We don't know. Whatever it is, this is our attempt at getting one.  Top notch research, uncut commentary, eye popping expose' on the most influential matters in the world of tech/gaming. Come check them out

Most Current Podcast Special: e3 2018

The Guillotine

The Podcast of them all!  This is the weekly roundup of the whole PNTS team for a no bull discussion about the week in gaming/tech.  These discussions are uncut.  Put granny to bed before playing.

Latest Episodes: Coming Soon


All Xbox all the time.  Join PNTS MEMBERS and others discuss Microsoft's latest console, games and footing in the console wars.

Latest Episodes: Coming Soon

Lil Tykes Podcasts

A family friendly show, with some of the smartest kids you will meet.  Join the Lil Tykes as they talk Tech, gaming and anything else that suits your nerd needs.

Latest Episodes: Coming Soon


PNTS Recommended Podcasts

Here's our favorite podcasts to listen to outside of the PNTS Network:

1. Nxtgen 720 Channel/BGST,BeastFire,MPP

2. MR PArker is a Dumbass - DaRealMastalin's Channel

3.  Xbox Uncut

4. Gamertag radio

5. Coffee Casuals and Consoles

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