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Podcast Director/Website Organizer
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Hardcore gamer, who hates media bias in the community.  Started off with the NAF team pushing separate system co-op.  After dealing with the system fanboys, he's shifted his goals for ensuring the hardcore gaming consumer is best informed as possible.

Motto: Yourrr Nexxxt!!!  

Preferred Gaming Platform: PC

Favorite Game of last 2 Generations: Bioshock 1

Favorite Series of Last 2 Generations: Mass Effect

Favorite Game of All Time: Phantasy Star 2


TRS - FusionWolf

Podcast Director/Gaming Events Organizer
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Old school gamer, who's addiction to the concept of "good, vs. the ultimate evil" has kept him addicted to games that premier said concept via story line.  A gamer, from all the way back to the era of VECTREX systems and beyond, who maintains the philosophy of, "I JUST WANT A GOOD GAME!"  Sticking to the basics of the consumer's original values, and continues to defend the true consumers needs, against the sometimes backwards thought, and egotistical current influence of gaming, by those known the ELITE...............  


Preferred Gaming Platform: Xbox One

Favorite Game of last 2 Generations: Destiny

Favorite Series of Last 2 Generations: Elder Scrolls

Favorite Game of All Time: Tie - Megaman 2/Gunstar Heroes

Killa Hill - Aka Rip Van Wallace

Podcast Contributor/Spokesman for Restless Leg Society
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Killa Hill is our man 50 grand and we eagerly await his appearance on our line-up.  Until then WE PLEAD, that you please fund our Kickstarter for his restless leg syndrome.  Apparently that's why he can't make it to the studio... 

Motto: Man, I'm not waking up...

Preferred Gaming Platform: Playstation 4

Favorite Game of last 2 Generations: Some PS4 game

Favorite Series of Last 2 Generations: Somethin by Sony

Favorite Game of All Time: Lamb chops play along


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